Fixed Frame


Genius offers a variety of fixed frames systems, the ideal protection from insects on windows where the retractable solutions are not needed:

  • PICONET. The smallest and lightest frame system offered by Genius. It can cover openings up to 1.5 sqmt and it can be installed in the recess of the window with the adjustable jacks, no need of screws and holes in the wall.
  • MULTINET. Fit for larger openings and for usage with aluminium and stainless steel meshes, frequently required for hygienic installations (restaurants, hospitals etc.). Stable and strong, long durability and guaranteed protection.
  • ULTIMA. Or Ultimate, as it is hard to imagine a further improvement for this kind of insect screen. Ultima is fixed directly onto the window frame without any hole in the sash, in the frame or any other part of the window. The shape and the material used for the installation clips makes it fit for wood, aluminium and PVC windows. Just place Ultima inside the window frame and push, the Ultima frame will be installed. Easy to remove and to reinstall within seconds as many times as you wish. No need to have more versions or dimensions in stock, one profile fits all windows.