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Insect Screen Systems
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The Genius products are available in parts, in semi- assembled kits and made to measure, to suit all production and logistic needs.  The keypoints of the Genius insect screens are the user-friendly assembly and installation processes; be ready to get the Genius product of your choice assembled and installed in few and easy steps.
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Comfort and safety systems
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Patents and inventions that have changed the standard and the perception of the retractable flyscreens, such as the AQUS brake for the amortized rewinding and the preloading device which eases the integration of the retractable flyscreens into the roller shutter cassettes.
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Mechanisms and components
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Coralis is a comprehensive range of roller blinds systems operated by spring, by chain and by new and innovative CHILD SAFE devices. The compliance with the European anti-strangling regulations, the automatic lowering and rewinding options, the possibility to cover large spaces with multiple panels opening and closing simultaneously are some of the key points offered by the Coralis collection.
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Whether you are a manufacturer, an installer, or an architect, we understand that you cannot afford to make a bad impression by providing your clients with products that do not meet expectations. For this reason, Genius products are the result of meticulous design and Made in Italy manufacturing, aiming to provide superior quality mosquito nets and accessories. Thanks to this commitment, we have been growing for over forty years, continuing to serve thousands of satisfied customers.

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Installing the Genius flyscreens is really easy, thanks also to our video tutorials, which guide you step by step through the process and highlight the aspects deserving special attention. To be clearer and more accessible, the videos are short and made entirely in three-dimensional graphics.