Fixed Frames


GENIUS SYSTEM offers a varied range of fixed screens for all installation situations. The fixed screens are the simplest and at the same time the most secure way to protect your windows from insects. Not having mobile or opening parts, the fixed screens offer a secure sealing in every installation mode. All Genius fixed screens can use meshes in fibreglass, aluminium and stainless steel, able to comply with all existing UE rules for special locations such hospitals, restaurants etc.

UNIFIX represents the last evolution among the Genius fixed screens and it originates from the need of a versatile system usable on almost all types of window frames. One profile section only and a very few components are needed for the assembly of a fixed screens which can fit any window frame thickness. No more many profiles types or many bracket dimensions, one profile and one type of bracket to fit it all. And , also, quick assembly and few seconds for installation on the window frame. Is that possible? Yes it is, just go on our website and check it yourself. MULTINET FIXED: the fixed screen for larger openings which can be easily installed on every kind of windows.