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Genius is a manufacturing & distribution trade mark characterised by long-time passion and experience in insect screen market. The Genius Group partners started operations in Italy in 1978. Since then they have expanded the sales activities and the distribution network worldwide, making Genius a truly recognized Brand. Geniusis committed to continous development and improvement of solutions tailored to the customer’s needs.
The Genius brand emerged from the collaboration of four major Italian industrial realities: Bacchi Genius, Stiltende Genius, Fandis and Saps. These companies work closely together in designing and producing cutting-edge solutions for screening systems in both domestic and commercial settings. Their commitment to closely assist their clients and the right application knowledge, suitable for developing a customized offer tailored to each specific need, is a highly differentiating factor.

Genius has four factories in Italy

Borgo Ticino-Novara
(Northern Italy)
Plant of 9500sqm
130 employees
(Central Italy)
Plant of 8000sqm
25 employees
(Central Italy)
Plant of 8000sqm
30 employees
(Milan Region)
10 employees

The Genius Strengths

Global presence

Genius works internationally closely with many local reseller and distributors to ensure a qualified local presence with efficient service.


Our experienced technical team is dedicated to developing and improving tailor-made solutions that meet specific customer requirements, streamlining stock and production to cater to both small and large partners, while offering comprehensive training either at our facilities or directly at the customer's factory.

Production & Quality Control

Our plants are set for the production of semi-finished insect screens, including full-length bars, DIY kits, workstations for pleated nets and an assembly line for braking devices. We also operate injection molding presses capable of handling thermoplastic materials from 45 to 300 tons, ensuring quality through incoming goods inspection and meticulous tests at the end of each production cycle.


Our warehouse encompasses various plants, offering extensive storage capabilities, flexibility in logistic flows, and traceability of goods, all while providing worldwide delivery services.