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Mesh for Flyscreen

Genius mosquito nets can be paired with various types of mesh, depending on the system type, adopted sizes, and specific needs. Factors such as the mesh thickness, transparency, color, tensile strength, and puncture resistance can be important elements to consider for installations that achieve the highest degree of customer satisfaction. Below, we present an overview of the main types of mesh that can equip our systems.

Flat Mesh

Standard fiberglass pvc coated mesh. Default choice for almost all Genius Systems using flat mesh. Available in Grey and Black.
High transparency
High transparency mesh for a brighter view from inside. It stands much less visible on your windows and doors. Available in Grey and Black
High resistance
Polyester,thicker and stronger mesh, also called Petproof for its resistance to the scratches by our four-legged friends. The high resistance mesh is strongly recommended also for large openings. Available in Grey and Black.
Anti-pollen mesh
A good shield added to your flyscreens to improvethe filtering action against pollen. Available in Black.
The 20x20 is a fiberglass mesh with a tighter weave for a better protection against smaller insects. Available in Black.
The tightest weaver available for the best possible protection against the smallest flying insects. The 20x30 is also considered a valid sunscreen protection. Available in Black.
Polypropylene mesh
The Polypropylene mesh is used for the Rollblock/Maxxy/Rollout lines of roll-aside retractable screens. Available in Grey and Black..
This strong and extremely durable mesh can be used with Fixed Panels, Sliding panels and Sash doors. Specially requested in areas where some big insects like grasshoppers can damage the soft material mesh.
This mesh can be used with Fixed frames, Sliding panels and sash doors. Requested specially to fulfill specific legal requirements (Hospitals, food storage etc.).

Pleated Meshes

Pleated 10mm
Polyester mesh with 10mm folds, available in Black and in Grey finish.
Pleated 15mm
Polyester mesh with 15mm folds, available in Black and in Grey finish.
Pleated 20mm
Polypropylene mesh with 20mm folds. The Polypropylene stands light but still stiff and stable. Available in Black and Grey finish.