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Protect yourself and the planet

Choosing accessories, such as flyscreens with their many health and environmental benefits, is essential in today’s increasingly more eco-sustainable architecture.

Stop bug sprays
Flyscreens can prevent pests from entering your home, reducing the need to use repellents and pesticides indoors and allowing natural air circulation. Bug sprays,even those in CFC-free aerosol cans, contain hydrocarbons and compressed gas that contribute to global warming and cause breathing problems in case of overexposure.

A healthy choice
With their perforated mesh structure, flyscreens promote regular air exchange in your home and help to eliminate bacteria, pollutants and other contaminants, which can lead to health issues. Poor ventilation in rooms can cause respiratory infections and headaches, lead to poor sleep quality and harm concentration. In addition, flyscreens can retain dust and pollen in their specially designed nets, improving the health of allergy sufferers.

Low environmental impact
By providing airflow and insect protection, flyscreens are sustainable. They let incool breezes minimising the need for artificial cooling in summer. With the wide availability of fabrics, including filtering and blackout screens, they effectively protect from direct sunlight, with consequent savings on air conditioning consumption and lower emissions. Air conditioners consume a lot of electricity and leak hazardous planet-warming gases into the atmosphere, damaging the environment. Fortunately, some new cooling systems with AC technology on themarket have a lower impact on climate change but flyscreens are still an effective and environment-friendly choice.

Easily recycled
The flyscreen profiles are made of aluminium that can be recycled an infinite number of times, representing a further example of sustainability.